Satin skirt Secret



100 percent cotton sateen


100 percent. acetate


The height of the model is 169 cm.

The length of the skirt is 64 cm. + -1.5 cm.




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Satin Skirt “Secret” is created for bright and bold personalities. This year, the combination of two popular colors stands out – bright lavender purple and charismatic green. You can easily create stylish outfits by choosing a monochromatic top. Here are some ideas and tips on how to pair the charming skirt, named “Secret:

› Green turtleneck. A particularly vivid and stylish combination will not go unnoticed. This color play is perfect for a summery celebration or even an important day at work.

› White satin shirts. A luxurious combination, complemented by pointed high heels, will make you look like you stepped out of the “Sex and the City” series. This line will appeal to those who love to combine business style with elegance.

› Black fitted turtleneck. Ideal if it’s high-necked. It creates the image of a self-confident, fatalistic woman. And undoubtedly, it will give a boost of self-confidence after a shower of compliments that you are guaranteed to receive.

› Monochromatic casual t-shirts. Create a casual outfit for leisure. It will go perfectly with sporty-style shoes or ballet flats. A light but very stylish combination for weekend brunches with friends or family.

Satin skirt “Secret” – for true dreamers. It’s no secret that we choose colors for our outfits based on our personality. According to color psychologists, people with a slightly mystical personality who like to dream and believe in more than meets the eye are happy to include violet in their clothing. That’s why the skirt was named “Secret.” It’s simply created for mysterious women, with whom you want to communicate, get to know, and discover new stories every day. Like the most interesting book that hides a new story on every page.

Composition and care of the skirt: The “Secret” skirt is created for a warm and dreamy summer when the wind playfully gets into the satin folds, which ripple and temptingly allure. The skirt is made of 100% cotton satin. To maintain its elegant and luxurious, lightly puffed shape, there is lining inside made of 100% acetate. This is a shiny fabric, with a soft surface that gently caresses your legs with every step.

Care and washing: Satin is a relatively easy-to-care-for fabric, but it is recommended to wash it at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees Celsius to preserve the vibrant colors. Use a mild detergent suitable for washing colored fabrics. Before washing, zip up the skirt to avoid damaging the fabric surface. The skirt can be ironed.”

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