At March2, our vision is to create skirts that make you feel exceptionally comfortable while looking elegantly stylish.

All March2 skirts are designed with a special emphasis on comfort. Our skirts often feature functional pockets that are not only practical but also stylish. These skirts are perfect for everyday wear, providing the freedom to move and ensuring all-day comfort.


The skirts designed by March2 are carefully constructed and manufactured in Lithuania. Production takes place in a small atelier, where we meticulously select high-quality fabrics and thoughtfully consider every detail of our designs.


We hope that March2 skirts will become a key style accent for every one of our customers.

Why us?

Our priority is quality, comfort, and elegance

A unique Lithuanian brand designed for individuals who want to feel free and elegant.

Natural fabrics.

About fabrics

Winter Collection:

  • Wool: During the winter season, “March 2” predominantly chooses wool fabrics. Wool is a natural material that not only provides warmth but also adds a sense of luxury and coziness to the garments. Woolen skirts are perfectly suited for cold weather and are designed to be long-lasting.
  • Wool Blends: Wool blends with other fibers are also frequently used. These blends enhance the elasticity and comfort of the fabric, ensuring that the skirts are not only warm but also adaptable to various styles.

Wool Fiber Properties and Care:

  • Moisture Retention: Wool fiber has the unique ability to retain a significant amount of moisture even in hot and dry conditions. This means that when wearing woolen garments, the relative humidity on the skin’s surface remains adequately high. Because only a minimal amount of moisture is evaporated, the body does not sweat excessively when wearing wool.
  • Washing Instructions: Woolen garments should be washed carefully, avoiding vigorous rubbing. It is not advisable to soak or leave them in water for extended periods. Hand washing is recommended for wool, but if you prefer to save time, you can use a washing machine with a special wool program and detergents specifically designed for this fiber.
  • Drying Instructions: Wool garments should not be wrung out or hung to dry. Instead, it is recommended to wrap the washed garment in a towel and gently press to remove excess water. Lay the garment flat to dry horizontally, as the weight of wet wool can be up to three times heavier, which might cause the garment to lose its shape.

Summer Collection:

  • Cotton: In the summer, “March 2” prefers lightweight and breathable cotton fabrics. Cotton skirts are ideal for hot weather, allowing the skin to breathe and providing pleasant comfort.


  • All skirts have an acetate lining.
  • Acetate: Acetate linings are more natural than polyester fabrics as they are made from semi-natural raw material, acetylcellulose. They resemble silk in appearance and have a crisp texture. The fiber does not absorb moisture, is not prone to wrinkling, and drapes beautifully.
  • Washing and Ironing Instructions: Wash acetate fabrics in water at 30-40 degrees Celsius and iron with an iron heated up to 110 degrees Celsius.