March2 Vision – a skirt in which you will feel exceptionally comfortable while looking elegant and feminine.

All skirts created by March2 are designed and manufactured in Lithuania. Production takes place in a small sewing shop, carefully selecting quality fabrics and responsibly thinking about every detail.

We hope that March2 skirts will become the main style accent of each of our clients.

Why us?

Our priority is quality, comfort, and elegance

A unique Lithuanian brand designed for individuals who want to feel free and elegant.

Natural fabrics.

About fabrics


Of all textile fibers, wool retains heat the best.
Wool fiber has the property of retaining large amounts of moisture even when the air is hot and dry. Therefore, when wearing woolen products, the relative humidity of the skin surface is high enough. Because the minimum amount of moisture evaporates, the body does not sweat when wearing woolen clothing.
Woolen products should be washed carefully, avoiding heavy rubbing. It is not advisable to soak or keep in water for a long time.
Do not drill or dry the product. It is advisable to wrap the washed product in a towel and thus dry it. Dry horizontally, as wet wool can weigh up to three times as much and the product may lose its shape.


Acetate – Acetate lining fabrics are more natural than polyester fabrics because acetate lining is made from the semi-natural raw material acetylcellulose.