Data Privacy and Protection

“Ileka MB”, the legal entity code 305162888, address of the registered office: Žalgirio g. 29, Jonava, LT-55265 (hereinafter referred to as “Ileka” or “We“) in this privacy notice (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Notice“) describes the principles and procedures of collecting, processing and storing personal data of the user (hereinafter – “You“) of  website, e-shop, and purchaser of goods provided on the website.

Personal data is any information that gives possibility to identify You in direct or indirect way and reveal Your identity. Personal data include a name, a surname, a date of birth, an e-mail address or postal address, location data and the Internet identifiers which are specific to You.

We perceive the importance of protection of Your personal data. 

Ileka collects and stores only the data that are necessary to complete Ileka activities. We process personal data lawfully, transparently and fairly for predefined purposes, and to the extent necessary to achieve Our goals. When We process Your personal data, We have an aim to keep Your personal data accurate, safe, confidential, and properly stored and protected.

When We handle Your personal data, We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the requirements for the processing of personal data prescribed by legal acts.

We collect Your personal data so that We can carry out trading activities when You want to purchase goods from Us or when We want to offer them, as well as to the extent necessary for the protection of Your rights and interests or the legal obligations imposed on Ileka.

You alone decide at the time of registration in the Shop or in other stages on the extent to which Your personal data will or will not be available.

The Ileka Website may contain links to third-party websites, products and services, as well as social extensions (for example, plugins for the Facebook social network). This Privacy Notice does not cover the third-party sites, services, and content, therefore

Ileka invites You to familiarize Yourself with the privacy practices of such third parties.

Collection, Storage and Use of Personal Data

We receive data from You when You submit them purchasing or seeking to purchase Our goods, use Our Website or e-shop, or when You have other relationships with Ileka, for example, You create an account in Our e-shop, provide inquiries for goods, subscribe to newsletters, participate in games, and so on.

We collect and process Your personal data on the following grounds:

– To conclude and/or execute an agreement with You;

– Having agreement with You on the processing of personal data;

– When Ileka is obliged to process the personal data by the relevant legislation and the processing of personal data is performed due to the legitimate interest of Ileka (if the interests of the data subject are not more important).

With Your consent, We collect and process Your personal data when You submit them, give explicit consent to use them, and We can conclude that You have agreed that they will be used for a specific purpose (for example, when You sign up for a newsletter, participation in surveys, lotteries or prize winning, place an order or answer other questions regarding the contact details).

We may use Your personal data to:

– Conduct trading activities and contractual obligations (for example, We want to identify You, process Your orders, provide purchasing and/or financial documents, ensure the quality of goods, deal with delivery, change of goods, and other issues or provide You with specific information about Ileka, and activities, goods offered by Ileka, and so on;

– With Your consent, to submit direct marketing proposals, offers in relation to games and loyalty programs that We provide;

– Protect Our or Your interests, and fulfil legal obligations.

We may collect and process non-personalized statistics that help to improve Our trading activities, as well as the operation of Our Website and e-shop. For example, We know how many newsletter links have been opened. In this case, We do not see who personally used the link.

Types of data that We collect:

– For trading activities and direct marketing proposals, we collect the following data about You: “Mr.”/”Mrs.” address, name, surname, e-mail, telephone number, address;

– We also collect data on the use of Our Website and e-shop installing cookies and similar technologies related to browsing the web and the like;

– By Your consent, We may collect other data the scope of which and the purpose of collection are defined at the time when You are asked for permission, for example, We may ask You for other personal data necessary for billing, delivery of goods, provision of guarantee services, answering Your inquiries and so on.

Provision of data to other persons:

Ileka may transfer Your personal data to other companies, which means that Ileka can contract the companies to help Us carry out trading activities (such as issuing financial documents, delivering goods to You, and so on), as well as direct marketing (such as sending newsletters, organizing games, and so on). From such partners We require that they process Your data only in accordance with Our instructions and valid data protection laws.

Ileka guarantees that Your personal data will not be sold, rented or otherwise transferred without a legal basis to third parties, and will not be used for purposes other than those for which they are collected. However, We reserve the right to provide information about You if We are obliged to do so in accordance with the law or if We are required by a lawful body or a prosecuting authority.

In handling personal data, We ensure the rights of the data subject in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Regulation and the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania.

  1. You as a data subject have the right to:

1) Know (be informed) about the processing of Your personal data;

2) Familiarize Yourself with Your personal data handled by Ileka;

3) Require correction or addition, change of incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete personal data;

4) Request the destruction of personal data when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected;

5) Require the destruction of personal data if they are processed illegally or when You cancel Your consent to the processing of personal data or do not provide such consent, which is necessary;

6) Disagree with the processing of personal data or cancel the previously given consent;

7) Require the suspension of any actions in relation to the processing of Your personal data with exception of the data storage in the event of disputes or the need to verify the legality of the data processing, the accuracy of the data, as well as in cases where We no longer need Your data, but You do not want Us to destroy them;

8) Require to submit to You – if it is technically feasible – Your personal data collected in accordance with Your consent or for the purpose of performing the contract in an easily readable format or require them to be forwarded to another data manager;

  1. Ilekastrives to establish the full conditions for You to fulfil the rights of the data subject, but We may not comply with Your requirements when it is necessary to ensure:
  1. the fulfilment of legal obligations imposed on Us;
  1. the integrity of state security or defence;
  1. the public order, and prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses;
  1. important economic or financial interests of the state;
  1. prevention, investigation and detection of violations of the official or professional ethics;

6) protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject or other persons.

  1. Requests regarding Your personal data can be provided to Us personally, by post or by electronic means of communication. Contact details for such requests can be found here:  In relation to Your request, We may ask for identification documents or information, as well as the other additional information that We need.
  2. Upon receipt of Your request, We will respond to You no later than within 30 calendar days of Your request and of the date of submitting the documents required in order to give the answer. If Your application is in writing, We will respond to You in writing and will indicate what decision We have taken and/or what actions We have performed, as well as provide You with the information requested.
  3. If necessary, We will stop processing Your data, except storage, until Your application is resolved. If You have legally waived the given consent, We will immediately terminate processing of Your personal data, in any case no later than in 30 calendar days, except in cases established by law.
  4. In case of refusing to comply with Your request, We will clearly indicate the grounds for such refusal.
  5. We provide Your data at Your request free of charge once a calendar year. If You apply more often, We may ask for a fee corresponding to the cost of delivery to You the required data.
  6. If You disagree with Our actions or the response to Your request, You can submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate concerning Our actions and decisions.

Data Protection Provided by Facebook 

The Ileka Website uses plugins for the social network – This network is operated by “Facebook Inc.”, the legal address: 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (hereinafter – the “Facebook“).

When in Our Website You use the link to the pages of Website with this plugin, You connect to Facebook servers, Your browser receives the corresponding message, and the plugin appears on the Website. In this way, information is forwarded to the Facebook server regarding the pages that You visited on Our Website. If at that time You are registered as a Facebook member, the Facebook assigns this information to Your personal Facebook user account. When You use the plugin functions (for example, by clicking on the “Like” button or submitting a comment), these data are also assigned to Your Facebook account. If You do not want Facebook to collect data about You through Our network, before You visit Our site, you must disconnect from the Facebook.

We do not influence the amount of data collected by Facebook using this plugin so We provide You with information relevant to Our level of knowledge. For more information about the data collected and used on Facebook, and Your related rights, as well as Your privacy protection, You can find in the privacy notification of the Facebook.

Use of the “AddThis” Tool

We use the AddThis tool, which allows You to share content, for example about the products, on Our Website through the selected social networks, such as the FacebookTwitterBloggerMySpaceGoogleStudiVZ). In the content of this page, the relevant plugin is marked with the appropriate symbol of the network. This plugin transmits information to the selected network, which means that the user is asked to connect to the network and an opportunity is given to share the contents of the original page. The plugin is also for the statistics on shared content of the site.

We do not influence the data collecting by using the AddThis tool so We provide You with information relevant to Our level of knowledge. For more information about Your data collected and used, and Your related rights, as well as Your privacy protection, You can find in the privacy notification of the particular social network the link of which is included in the AddThis Tool.

Use of Personal Data for Advertising and Marketing Purposes

Your personal data will be collected and processed only with Your prior consent where they are collected for the purposes of direct marketing, gaming and participation in a loyalty program. If You have provided Us with Your personal information through Facebook, We understand that You agree that We can provide You with Ileka service offerings by the contact telephone and e-mail submitted. You have the right to refuse consent, and to cancel it later if You give it. In case of withdrawal of the consent, Ileka terminates the processing of the data immediately, and no later than within 5 working days from the receipt of Your request and information needed to fulfil the requirement.

For direct marketing purposes We may:

  • send newsletters with latest offers/product promotions;
  • send the “white mail”;
  • register You as a regular customer in loyalty programs;
  • offer You to participate in lotteries.

If You gave Your permission for direct marketing, We can send, for example, various promotional material or other offers in relation to Our products or offer prize drawing games or lotteries. We will send promotional announcements and direct marketing offers in the ways You left Your contact information. For example, by e-mail if You provide Us with Your email address or by phone, short message or mobile application if You gave Us Your (mobile) phone number, and also ordinary mail (postal letters) if You gave Us Your mail address.

In addition, using Your data, We may create and maintain Your user profile that is necessary for You to receive the advertisements specifically for You, which We believe could be of particular interest to You. However, You may oppose the creation of such a profile or cancel the given consent at any time.

If You give Your consent to use Your personal data for general advertising and marketing purposes, We may use Your data to analyse and improve the effectiveness of Our web pages, advertising and market research, and for other marketing and sales goals of the Company. In this case, We use the non-personalized data of Yours.

After completing Your order, We may send by e-mail a request to evaluate Our work. We or Our partners may contact You by telephone or e-mail to inform You about the delivery of the goods (for example, send an SMS about the received shipment) as well as other issues related to the delivery of goods (for example, checking the delivery address, delivery time, etc.). All of these messages are not considered direct marketing proposals.

Right to Cancel Your Consent 

If personal data is processed with Your consent, You can at any time cancel the given consent for all or part of the data processing operation. Cancellation of an agreement does not automatically oblige Us to destroy Your data or to provide You with information about Our processed data, and for this reasons You need to specify such a request separately and in order for Us to perform such actions.

If You would like to implement the right to refuse the processing of personal data, please write to Us at the address: MB „Ileka“, Žalgirio g. 29, Jonava LT-55265 or by e-mail:


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We use the “session cookies” and “long-term cookies.” The “session cookies” are characterized by the feature that they are deleted on Your computer’s hard drive when the search on Our site is finished. The “Long-term cookies” remain on Your computer, and the next time You visit Our Website, they will allow Us to identify You.

You can always disagree to use of cookies. If You do not agree that cookies are saved on Your computer or another device, You can change settings of Your Internet browser and turn off all cookies or turn them on/off individually. However, please note that in some cases this can slow down the speed of browsing the web, restrict use of the functionality of certain websites or even block access to the site. For more information, see  or . To remove or prevent cookies from being stored on Your mobile phone or another similar device, You should check the settings of the device or the settings of Your browser used on such device.

If You wish to use Our Shopping Cart feature, You must allow sessions and long-term “cookies”.

Cookies We use for the following purposes:

– to visit Our Website, You can fill in and manage Your shopping cart;

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– to ensure certain services (see the Website in Your chosen language or to use the personalization of Our Website), as well as to improve them;

– to enable Our Website to be tailored to meet customer needs;

– analysis of services development and use of Our Website and services (for example, electronic search of goods);

– targeted marketing orientation.

If You wish to use the feature of the Shopping Cart, You must allow using of the session and long-term cookies.

We use cookies for the particular purposes, namely that:

– while visiting Our Website You can fill in and manage Your shopping cart;

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– We perform the targeted marketing orientation.

We can – without violating the law – combine information obtained through the use of cookies with the information received about the person by other means, such as information on the use of the services.

We keep the “long-term cookies” for a maximum of two years. After this period, they are automatically deleted.

Internet Security

Ileka uses the standard security features known as SSL encryption through Your browser.

How do We protect Your personal data?

To protect Your personal data from unauthorized use, We encrypt them using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) means. Currently, this mode of data transmission is the most popular and safe. It is used whenever data that is subject to protection is transmitted.

SSL encryption protects the data that the client sends to the Company’s server over the Internet, and triple protection is performed:

– the entered data to be forwarded is encrypted;

– it is ensured that the form is downloaded to the server that opened it;

– It is checked that the recipient receives all data and it is not changed.

The areas of SSL protection are marked with the symbol of lock on Your browser. Be sure that connection is secure, which is usually visible from the address that starts with “https://”. You can obtain more detailed information about the Safety Certificate by double-clicking the symbol of lock.

Data Security

Our technical and organizational measures ensure that Your data are protected against accidental or unlawful loss, alteration and unauthorized access, disclosure as well as any other unauthorized handling.

We shall keep Your personal data for no longer than what the data processing objectives or legal acts require, in case the legal acts provide for longer storage of data.

We seek to avoid obsolete or unnecessary information and to ensure that personal data and other customer information are kept up-to-date and accurate.

Legal Acts

  1. Basic legal acts

The basic legal acts governing the processing of Your personal data submitted to Ileka are the following: the General Data Protection Regulation, the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, i. e. the respective editions in force.

  1. Copyright and other rights of protection

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any content on Our Website including the texts, pictures, images, schemes, audio and video recordings contained therein is Our property. This copyrighted content may be used without permission only for personal purposes, which means for non-public or non-commercial purposes (such as the data callout or copying). If You wish to change that content, translate it into other languages ​​or otherwise process, prior written consent of Ileka is required.

Use of any registered Ileka trademarks or logos in the way that is not appropriate or use without permission is prohibited.

We draw Your attention to the fact that in case of violation of Our copyright and other rights that are protected, this can have consequences as provided for in the civil and/or criminal laws.

  1. Updating of these rules

Due to continuous technical and legal developments, We may update or modify this Privacy Notice or parts of it without prior notice to You. Therefore, please make sure You are familiar to the latest version of the Privacy Note before using Our offers.

If We make substantive changes to this Notice, We will inform You in advance by posting a notification on Our Website.

  1. Disclaimer statement

Our Website may contain links to the websites of the other service providers. Ileka is not informed on what is on the websites of the other service providers, therefore does not guarantee or assume liability for possible illegal content published by other providers on their websites or other violations of law.

The data provided on this Website have been thoroughly prepared and verified. However, We cannot assume any liability for their relevance, accuracy, completeness and/or quality.

The purpose of this Website is to provide general information which does not, however, replace the advice of a specialist. Ileka assumes no responsibility for the action undertaken pursuant to this Website.

The user of this Website is using it, and downloading the data from it under his/her own responsibility. Ileka shall not be liable for any damage the user may suffer, in particular if it is damage to the user’s data sets, devices and/or software.

  1. Enquiry to Ileka

If You have any questions regarding Our Privacy Note, please send Us an e-mail to the address:  giving a reference in the subject line: “Data Protection”.