Winter skirts

Winter skirts are for elegant, charming, and self-confident women who want to radiate femininity even in the cold season. All skirts are made of wool or wool-blend fabric, giving them a luxurious appearance. Thanks to the 100% acetate lining inside, they maintain their lightly puffed, trapeze shape perfectly. Comfortable and spacious pockets on the sides allow you to feel comfortable and confident. The subtly fitting waistband that delicately emphasizes the waistline beautifully shapes the feminine figure. The gently flared skirt creates hourglass lines, making any woman feel like a goddess when wearing these skirts.

Winter skirts – practical and easily adaptable

Although skirts in this collection may initially seem very formal and classic, you’ll be surprised at how well they go with casual clothing and footwear. Chunky lace-up boots and a biker jacket will suit them as well as an elegant cashmere coat and high heels. The skirt models perfected to the smallest detail will be comfortable in every step and in every life situation. I am a woman and a designer, so I understand the needs of an active woman. At the same time, I highly value the quality and practicality of clothing. Therefore, I wear and test each skirt myself first. Only after ensuring its comfort and whether the fabric meets my quality requirements do I present the skirt to you. So, you can be sure that by choosing any of the skirts from my winter or summer collection, you will choose a new favorite garment. Its warm and luxurious fabric will delight you for many years and provide cozy warmth throughout the cold season. However, don’t worry, the skirt won’t be too hot because wool allows the body to breathe. If you happen to get caught in the rain or snow, and the skirt gets wet, it will quickly evaporate moisture and be dry again.

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