Wool skirt Eternity


Precious purple color, with a slightly raised torso that neatly accentuates and elevates the waist, a fall-down skirt with light pleats, designed for a woman of the global world who appreciates classics, quality, sophistication and eternal things. From time immemorial, popes and kings have adorned this exclusive color, giving it luxury and status. The chic, extremely high-quality fabric and purple color saturation make this skirt model exclusive and unique, as well as the woman herself – charming and confident, which will remain in the memories of people she has met for a long time. Wearing this skirt, you will always look luxurious and stylish when. You will easily combine the classic skirt silhouette and the purple color that emphasizes eternal values with the available clothes, creating a different, but no less refined combination each time. Only that what is eternal and true!

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100 percent. wool


100 percent. acetate


The height of the model is 169 cm.

The length of the skirt is 64 cm. + -1.5 cm.




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